We are a family owned and operated dog boarding kennel, located on a small farm in
Glenville, Pennsylvania. Originally located in New York, we've been in operation for more than 15
years here in PA. My son "Uncle Mark" and myself,  "Uncle Bill", put in every effort to ensure your
dogs are happy, healthy, and enjoy their vacation as well as yours.

       What is a non-traditional kennel? We operate without out the use of kennel runs or cages
unlike the many other kennels in the area. I have turned three rooms in my home into "play"
rooms, designed to meet state inspections as well as providing maximum comfort. As well as
the play rooms, we have a 60'40' poll barn with heated and cooled floors as well as a connecting
two acre fenced in pen allowing all the dogs to run freely together  I have designed my kennel to
ensure low stress and anxiety, allowing you to enjoy your vacation or work day, as well as the

       Me and my family live on site and are the only staff members, allowing us to make personal
connections with the dog and their owners. No matter the time, day, or night, your dog will never
be alone. Whether there with me or my family or another dog, there is always someone keeping
your loved one company.
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About Us
"We strive to be the best kennel while maintaining our one of
a kind "Non-Traditional" kennel standard.
-Uncle Bill